we teach the original hot SERIES
Welcome to Original Hot Yoga

Oh Hell Yeah, its hot!

Here at OHY we teach and practice the original, unchanged hot yoga series. The class comprises of a unique sequence of 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, practiced in a specially designed studio heated to approx. 40.5DegC/105F, humidity at 40%, for a
90 minute class.

Need to know:

Compliance guidelines
OHY refers to and operates in line with the guidance of the following governing bodies:
Scottish Government - Sports Scotland - Yoga Scotland - Yoga Alliance.
We adhere to and comply with these requirements and should you wish to practice at the OHY studio, you will also need to, thanks!  

covid 19 requirements

Health declaration
Register your personal contact details.

Apr 2022 :
OHY Studio requirements - Covid Sense - Common Sense
+ Hands & Feet (hygiene)

Complete your Health Declaration form before your first class at the OHY studio.
Simply go to the Bookings tab and Pay for your selected class.
Please book at least 2hrs in advance of your class start time, to avoid cancelations.
Need 4 students for a class to run (escalating heat costs)
Newcomers always welcome, every class is a beginners class!
Simply start with the 1st Class
@ £22 book and unlimited yoga for a week.
Perfect for those new to the studio, the heat and/or the OHY practice.
We offer membership and card passes, select which suits your requirements best.
The most cost effective are the monthly and annual memberships.
We only accept CR/DR card payments.

For maximum health benefits you need to be practicing as often as you can, ideally 2/3 times a week, more in the early stages if you can and if class number restrictions allow.
Keep that in mind when you select your membership, they are priced to support these principles.

Good to know:

Ensure you're well hydrated, have drank lots of water throughout the day and have not eaten main meal 2/3 hours prior to class start time. Bring your filled water bottle.

This will help you cope with the heat; it can be quite overwhelming the first few times. You will quickly learn how to adjust, practice in the hot room.
Male/Female changing rooms are available again now.

We recommended you wear:
Gents – shorts, vest/T's, topless if you prefer.
Ladies - shorts & bra top or capri’s & vest/T's if it makes you more comfortable. Everybody - loose joggers and baggy T’s will annoy you as you get hot and sweaty; fitted and dryable fabrics are best.

Avoid wearing jewellery, especially watches/fit bits for practice, it will hurt whilst you work through some of the postures.
You, well hydrated, your mat, a large towel to cover your mat, you practice on it and your filled water bottle.

Mats & Towels can be purchased at OHY @ £20/£25
CR/DR card payments only, check at counter desk.
Mat & Towel rental is also now available @ £1 each
or £20 month rental, cleaning, storage.  
Just rent online, check at counter desk.
All mats & towels are hygienically cleaned.

Valuables - please only bring necessary essentials ie keys, wallet/purse, any mobiles have to be turned off/flight mode.
Any are communally stored for the duration of the class, check at reception.

You are ready to go, see you on your mat.
it's yoga
it's hot
it's sweaty