Class Schedule
There are classes every day, please check the class schedule for classes.
Every class is for everybody and everyone!

1st Class
£25 for your 1st Class and unlimited classes for a week!

Perfect for all first timers to the studio, the heat and/or the OHY practice.

What to expect:
You have to learn to first breathe and adjust to practicing in the heat, take it easy!
There are 2 sets in a normal practice, we recommend that you start by doing just 1 set, till you get through the standing series. If your coping with the heat and the practice, then try 2 sets when your into the floor series.  
We will advise and guide you.

We work through 2 sets of all the postures, breaking each down into the 3 key elements:
Set up – building the foundations.
Full expression – just try the right way and work to your maximum range of motion.
Exit – coming out of the posture the correct way.

We keep it simple and safe.
Bring you, your body, your mat, towel and water bottle.
60 min class, is the same, generally 1 x set, with 2 sets where students have challenges with postures.
Please start with the 90mins its recommended.

Please book your classes in advance. Reschedule as need. Cancellations must be made at least 2hrs prior to class start time, before the heat goes on and by contacting OHY, call 01224 969026 (leave message) or
em: hi@originalhotyoga.ltd
The heating is on an auto timer, goes on 2hrs pre class start time to achieve the 40C for your class, hence the need for the cancellation timing and rule.
Need 4 students to run a class, if you cancel late, consider your fellow yogi'z, especially those travelling from the Shire and/or those Early Bird classes at 6:30am.

If there is not a class time scheduled that allows you to sustain a regular class practice please let us know.
Drop us and em, providing options of dates and times that would suit you better to: hi@originalhotyoga.ltd.
Example: perhaps you are in the emergency services or other such shift workers, we have brought in early bird and night owls for such scenarios.

We acknowledge how intimidating some new studios can sometimes be, perhaps for you, it’s the thought of being overwhelmed in the heat, or it’s your first ever yoga class. Whatever it is, we have all been there, just come on down, give us a go.    

what to expect

Your teacher will encourage you to listen to your body, to push or pace yourself, to do the best you can with the body you have. Each class healing and improving your body,   increasing your energy levels, lifting your mood, whilst calming your mind for a better quality of life out of the hot room.

You may need to start by simply learning how to practice in the heat, how to breath, learn to be still and just stay in the hot room.

The class is structured as follows:
Start and finish with deep breathing
Warm Up Series
Balancing & Standing Series
Spine & Floor Series

Finish with 2 mins of total relaxation
The postures follow the same sequence, every class, 2 sets of almost all postures, each readying you for the next.

Come as you are, work at your pace, do what you can, rest when you need.
Then, come back as soon as possible and do it all again. It’s incredible how much easier the second, third class is and how much you’ll improve with regular practice.

You can do this!

Please view our visuals to see examples of the postures and their many benefits.


1st Class - £25 for your 1st Class and unlimited classes for a week.
Perfect for those new to the studio and to help you establish a regular practice.
Frequency is the key, especially until you have adjusted to the heat and established a practice.
If you sign up for a membership within that 1st week, you are entitle to
1st Month @ £100 - first month only.

Monthly @ £120
Ideal for those that practice frequently. 3+ classes a week, £10 a class, less if you practice more. This discount incentive is your reward for recognizing the need for a consistent practice, to maximize on the benefits from the yoga.  

25% DISCOUNT OFF £120 - Monthly Membership @ £90

Senior Citizens/Early Retirees (60yrs+) - Students (18+) Emergency Services (ie Nurse - Paramedic - Police - Fire - Coast Guards) Armed Forces
Proof of current and valid ID

*New* - Partners & Family @ £90 each
When partners or 2 or more family members join up together.

*New* - Mates Rates @ £90 each
When friends join up together.

All monthly autopay contract, 30 days' notice in writing to OHY studios to cancel.
Card Class Passes - perfect if your only able to get a couple of practices in a week.
Class Pass x 8 @ £120 - £15 per class
Valid 1 month from 1st class.

*New* - Pay as you go @ £20
Ideal for those commuting to/from Aberdeen for work.  
Dropping in past for a visit.

Offshore Workers:
That perhaps need something more frequent but flexible please enquiry directly to the studio hi@originalhotyoga.ltd

IMPORTANT: Any class cancellations need to be cancelled at least 2 hours prior to class start time. You manage your class schedule, bookings, reschedules, cancellations.
Should you cancel late or not at all and do not notify the studio by email hi@originalhotyoga.ltd  you will be charged a £5 cancellation charge. Rational, not be able to turn off the heat, it runs on an auto program with the class schedule.  
We thank you for your adherence and consideration to your fellow yogi'z!
Mat Hire @ £1
Towel Hire @ £1
Mat & Towel Hire, Clean & Store @ £20 month.
We use UTV light, to clean & kill 99.9% of all germs.

There is a small stock of sticky mats & towels
Mats @ £25 (eyelets) or £20
Sticky Yoga Towels @ £25 (black)

Just purchase online - CR/DR card payments only
Check at counter desk, if any problems.

it's yoga
it's hot
it's sweaty