26 Postures

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Standing Deep Breathing Pose
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Half Moon Pose
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Backward Bending Pose
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Hands To Feet Pose
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Awkward Pose
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03ap Part 2
Awkward Pose
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03ap Part 3
Awkward Pose
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Eagle Pose
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Standing Head To Knee Pose
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Standing Bow Pulling Pose
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Balancing Stick Pose
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Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose
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Triangle Pose
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Standing Separate Leg Head To Knee Pose
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Tree Pose
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Toe Stand Pose
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Dead Body Pose
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Wind Removing Pose
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Sit-up Pose
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Cobra Pose
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Locust Pose
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Full Locust Pose
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Bow Pose
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Fixed Firm Pose
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Half Tortoise Pose
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Camel Pose
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Rabbit Pose
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Head-to-knee And Stretching Pose
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Spine Twishting Pose
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Blowing In Firm Pose


Breathing technique.
Improves your lung efficiency and capacity.

Heat quickly impacts you. You need to listen carefully to the instructions and adopt the correct breathing techniques. First couple of times, it is a struggle.  The key, repetition especially those first 2/3 classes then you will have grasped the technique and understand how to breathe in a controlled manner. You will find, this will serve you well in your other activities outside the hot room.

Increase heart rate.
The heat elevates your heart rate which makes your body work harder, you get a cardiovascular workout.

Increases blood flow throughout the body. Which impacts all the bodily systems. The lymphatic system is boosted by the blood massaging the lymph nodes and distributing more white blood cells throughout the body. This has a positive impact on your immune system, helps keep you healthy.

Heat and humidity will make you sweat profusely which flushes out all the toxins from the body.

The sequence of postures combined also impact the internal organs and glands which flush the circulatory system and rids the blood of toxins.

Increase flexibility.
The heat enables you to improve your personal flexibility.

As your muscles are more relaxed you can, if controlled go deeper, safely into the postures. You can feel it in every class, you did today, what you could not do yesterday.

Improves strength.
Primary focus throughout the series is spine strength, the backbone of your practice and your key to a long, healthy, and mobile life.

It also works the entire skeletal system, every joint, ligament, and muscle as you hold the balance, stretch or compression of the posture.

Mobility and Balance.
Increases joint mobility and improves your range of motion.

Strengthens the entire skeletal system, as you hold the postures you are re sculpting your body and working against gravity, as with the balancing series.

Mental awareness.
The heat forces you to be calm, it stills your mind, you look inwards and thoughts are only of the present.

The repetition of the series assists you to become more proficient in your practice and as you progress you gain a tremendous focus and determination.

Promotes healing.
The primary purpose of hot yoga is to heal.

It’s a prescribed therapy, the series was designed for a total body workout, every joint, muscle, ligament, internal organ, and gland.
The healing occurs through the techniques, you hold the body in the posture, appropriate control of the breath while in the posture according to the posture, followed by a brief, period of relaxation.
Regular practice can heal old injuries and prevent future.

Weight loss.
Your practice in the heat rids the body initially of all your water weight, hence the need to hydrate properly.

The fat and weight loss comes from regular practice which improves your metabolic rate and bodily functions.
Overall, you tend to drink more fluids to stay hydrated and eat less to enable you to do the class, the more you do the better the rewards.

it's yoga
it's hot
it's sweaty