Need to know:

Health declaration &
Covid-19 Guidelines
Health Declaration Form:
Complete and submit, timely before your 1st Class.
This is to keep you safe while you practice with us.

Common Sense Hands & Feet (hygiene)

Intercom: buzz the intercom, its on the right hand side as you face the door, we shall buzz you in.  

Shoe Racks/Pegs: remove your shoes, place in the shoe racks, any heavy outwear coats etc., on the pegs, in the downstairs cupboard to the right as you enter.

Hand and Foot Hygiene Station: is at the top of the first flight of stairs, please use it before entering/exiting the studio.
Make your way through the door to the counter to register your attendance for class.

Hot Room:
Place your mat being respectful of those mats already laid. Ensure you can see yourself in the front mirror, the front is the fully mirrored wall. Take your water bottle with you..
Please remember the hot room is a silent room, your quiet place.

Chill out area:
The bench seating under the skyline, next to the counter should you want to just have a catch up, chat with friends, fellow students, or raise any questions with the teacher.

M&F Changing rooms & M&F Toilets

Water station: next to counter, to top up your water bottles, please try to avoid disposable plastic water bottles.

Good to know:

heat system
The 'Beast' - our heat system has been designed specifically to provide the ideal hot yoga environment. Heating, humidity, air filtration and air movement are all regulated and controlled. This enables us to ensure the hot room is at the correct temperature and humidity with a constant fresh air flow for your practice.

This temperature and humidity combination is designed to provide many benefits, both physical and mental and as a direct result of the internal and external workings of the body in the heat.  
UV Disinfection offers a fast and effective method of decontamination and is becoming a go-to technology to reduce bacteria and viruses in air and on surfaces. A single 10-minute cycle delivers a powerful dose of UV light which has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2. Test results show that viruses were completely inactivated to the point we could no longer detect any virus.

OHY has adopted to use this system as part of its stringent cleaning schedule, knowing it will give our students confidence that additional procedures have been put in place to help reduce the risk of transmission not only of SARS-CoV-2, but other viruses and bacteria too.

We are even offering it to our students as part of our hire services, Mat & Towel Hire, Clean and Store.
Studio owner
Hello and welcome to OHYitsHOT!

I'm Lori the studio owner and your teacher.
The great thing about yoga is its all about you, so I can keep this brief and we can get to know one another as you practice.

Key events to get us here:

2012 - 1st class, Belfast studio and OMG, I was a  disaster, totally self inflicted from not being prepared and following all the excellent pre advice given, I was a disgrace.
I'll share the story when I know you better, but I saw stars!

2012/2014 - Totally hooked, moved to Edinburgh, started practicing, almost daily.

2014 - Qualified - Bikram's Fall, Teacher Training, Thailand.

2014/2016 - Practiced, taught and was mentored in Tasmania, then back to NZ for the majority of my time. Met some brilliant teachers in some amazing studios, with some incredible students.

2017 - 2020 - Interim practice and teaching in Glasgow.
Search for suitable premises, lots of 'wasn't meant to be.'
This was the first premises I saw, loved its potential but I was not able to secure it, that was 2016. An opportunity presented itself, 2019 and here we are.

2021 - Finally, made it, OHY opens its doors to you, June 7th 2021.
it's yoga
it's hot
it's sweaty